Saturday, November 26, 2016

Romney Love

Earlier this year, my dear friend Lynn got me a Romney fleece at Rhinebeck. I long to go there some year, but this was the next best thing. I have never worked with Romney fleece before, surprisingly,  and I wanted to explore one. Lynn has excellent taste and I was super excited to get the fleece in the mail. I washed it turning it from this
To this
It is absolutely gorgeous and I love it! I carded two rolags and spun them, but was not excited about the yarn, so I went for combing. I timed it and in half an hour I can get ten nests combed up. I have not weighed it yet. I am super excited for this yarn, but it will take a deal of time to do the combing. The combed top is so pretty, it makes it worth it. 


Lynn said...

Or you can do what I do and just pet the washed fleece every year or two.

Teri said...

Just an FYI, long wools spun on turkish spindles are like a different fiber. They have this wonderful puffiness and are softer than normal. I did the same fiber on a high whorl and a turk and was surprised at the difference. I have a very large corriedale/romney fleece to work through as well as three nice brown romney lamb fleeces. It's nice wool and easy to spin.