Sunday, November 20, 2016

Meet Doris

I have long wanted a great wheel, and when one recently came up available on Craigslist I jumped at the chance. A gorgeous modern made oak wheel made in Minnesota, which is now mine. Meet Doris.

I have been enjoying getting to know her and a learning how to spin on a great wheel, which I find great fun. Even more fun, I have finally put a substantial piece of yardage on Bertha...a nine yard length of twill from a Jacob x Dorset fleece I spun up intending to weave. It is weaving up nicely and I will make myself a jacket or coat or possibly a warm robe for MN winters.


Lynn said...

Wow, such productivity! And I hadn't realized that Doris was modern-made - do you know the maker?

Devin said...

I do not know the maker, unfortunately. I love that she is Minnesota Made, though.