Thursday, January 19, 2017

New year

I keeping meaning to blog more often.
I was determined to get the Jacob twill off the loom in 2016 and I succeeded with one day to spare. This weekend I finished the fabric in the washing machine, and now I mean to make it into a Hapi or Hanten. My studio is chilly in the winter and it would be the perfect garment to keep me warm without overheating. The first photo is prefinishing and the second is post finishing. I love this fabric!

I am spinning up some more wool this month to get a warp on the loom. I dyed half of a batch of Corrie x something with greener shades in greens and blues, and left the rest grey. I aim to make a nice comfortable wrap or if I have enough, a pullover hoodie type thing. For February I have plans for spinning cotton and flax. I have declared it the month of cellulose fibers. If anyone wants to join me, I love hearing what you are doing!

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Lynn said...

I really love the gleam in that first photo.