Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Adventures in Cellulose Part II

I have washed and dried the weaving and tonight I hemmed the spa cloths, thus learning that I need to include ENOUGH plainweave to make a hem and still make them square, if I want a square finished product. Oh well. Lessons learned, and another reason doing something is a good way of learning more about it.
Apologies for the poor photo, but my photo mojo is particularly bad tonight. I am pleased with these, they softened a great deal. I will wash and dry these a few more times before wrapping them around bars of soap and giving them to my sisters.  I am proud that I made something from handspun, handwoven linen!

I am very excited to see the difference between the linen waffle weave cloth and the linen warp and cotton weft waffle weave:
The cotton drew in more on the loom, as it was not stiff like the linen, and was about a quarter to a half an inch narrower. After washing, however, it is now two inches narrower. I love both of them. I Love the stiff, pleasing gauziness of the all linen one, and I like the cushy softness of the cotton weft cloth. I am planning on trying some all cotton cloths and see if they shrink up more in the hopes of getting a more dense fabric than I can with my current heddle.. I need to see about getting a second heddle and using a 20 epi sett.
In other news, we have been busy getting ready for the holidays and I am enjoying the scent of our lovely balsam.

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