Monday, December 22, 2014

Weaving Cotton

I have been in the midst of Holiday gift making craziness, though that is winding down, thankfully. I sewed my first garment from handspun, handwoven wool - The Japanese inspired panel vest. I will not post a photo as the recipient may see it.
Yesterday, however, I was itching to weave and had nothing on the loom. I so far only am familiar with the direct warping method and I do not have a warping board and so if I am going to make a long warp I need to commandeer the length of the entire apartment. Instead I saw my basket of cotton yarn which has been accumulating and went for it. I warped the loom with three-ish yards of cotton, all that had been spun from gifts, 13 inches wide. The outer stripes are spun from indigo dyed sliver that a fiber fairy sent me and the inner warp is green Sally Fox cotton spun from sliver a good friend (and the whole reason I tried spinning cotton again after so many failures) sent me. The weft is breeder mix brown, also Sally Fox, from the same friend. I am weaving waffle weave and hope I will end up with some fingertip towels for the guest bath. If I had been smart I would have warped the loom wider, but this is basically just sampling and experimenting to see how my handspun cotton will hold up and how my waffle weave attempts will work.
Once the holiday madness is over and I can use the whole length of the house I will wind a long warp of yarn I spun from wool my mother brought me from Germany the last time she went over to see the family. I have wound a pattern of stripes I find pleasing, the weft will be singles, and I will hopefully get a jacket out of the deal.

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