Monday, January 20, 2014

Just a quick check in on the year of weaving and moderation. Weaving continues apace. This weekend I cut off the second panel of a handspun blanket I am making.

Those are two panels laid together. They are currently just over 7 feet long. One is an inch narrower than the other, even though they were woven on the same warp on the same loom, which I think is due to  the mysteries of tension and of how tightly I wove. I will warp a third panel today and hopefully weave it off this week, then they will be washed, sewn together, and the fringes twisted and cut and I will have a blanket for Z to use in the chilly nights of winter while sitting in his chair. I am excited for it. The third panel will go in the center to preserve the symmetry. All the yarn, warp and weft, is handspun, mostly two ply, randomly pulled from my stash. None were spun as weaving yarns, but rather as knitting yarns. They have held up admirably.  Sadly, this exercise is not using up stash at the rate I thought it would:) I have definitely found a new fiber obsession. I am full of plans for other things to make.

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