Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014-The year of weaving and moderation

     Happy 2014 - May your year be full of health and happiness and may you all learn something you want to. A friend posted something on her blog about choosing a theme for the new year rather than specific resolutions which are so much easier to leave by the wayside (at least for me they are). I could not limit myself to one so I chose two; one that is specific to fiber and one that is applicable to my life as a whole. My themes are Weaving and Moderation. 
     The loom I received for christmas is a wonderful tool and I want to use it. I am full of ideas for how to do this. I made a scarf to test it out and then immediately warped it for a blanket - I have one of three panels wove and cut off and will weave the other two quickly, no doubt. I plan on making some scarves for sale, and also hope to get a fabric fine enough to make clothing for me. I have not seen much handwoven cloth patterns for men, so I may improvise and make something like a 9th century tunic or an Indian Kurta, but I really want to wear, or be on the way to wearing, something I wove by the end of the year. 
     The other word is moderation. That will be more difficult for me. I am not a moderate person, if I like a book I read all books by that author, if I like a slice of pizza I eat the whole pizza, if I like wool I must have ALL THE WOOL. My mind, my body, and my stash reflect this tendency to go overboard. I need to work on becoming friends with the word and the concept of enough. That will be a difficult goal for me. 
Have a wonderful start to 2014 dear readers, whoever you are. 

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