Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays to all who celebrate! It was a calmer and better christmas this year than in recent memory for me and mine and I am so glad. I was overjoyed to see the joy and happiness of others when opening carefully chosen gifts (I am usually a complete failure) and I was overwhelmed with the generosity of my family.
I was given a 25 inch Schacht Flip rigid heddle loom and stand AND 3 plus pounds of wool from rare German breeds of sheep. I love my family and I feel so accepted when they recognize the joy I get from textiles and fibers. This loom is wonderful and I can see that it is starting a new era in my life.
I could not wait to begin, here is a short warp of shetland I spun a few years ago and dyed with walnut and marigold.
I just want to say happy holidays to all. I am off to finish threading the heddle and tying on the warp!

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