Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring like weather

The sun and warm temperatures are so welcome after the sudden Arctic blast we had. I had a lovely walk to brunch with a friend. I am really looking forward to the farmer's markets opening up again and to the CSA starting up. I have to wait another month and changes till then, though, and that is hard. I have noticed that when we cook and eat whatever we want (those four or five months that it is too hard to get local food to really make it worthwhile, for us at least) that we eat pretty crappily. Junk food and frozen meals from trader joe's which we love, but which are not the healthiest. It is very easy to get spoiled from our standard diet of local, fresh and mostly organic foods. Somehow salads and vegetables, no matter if they are organic or not never taste as good as those we get in the summer from the CSA and from local farms. I have never really tasted the difference before, but I do now and can't wait for freshness!

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Anonymous said...

I also took a fantastic walk today -- an hour and a half! -- and it was fantastic.

You should see my magnificent blisters.

I'm very much looking forward to more spring weather and fresh air and (yes!) fresh veggies.