Monday, May 11, 2009

CSA redux, Health and Thrift

We began our usual routine of CSA pickups last Thursday and a welcome beginning it was! I missed the fun of getting a surprise each week the newsletter hit my inbox, and the discipline of making a menu around what we have rather than what we want.
Last week we got:
Black heart radish
Red Twigged dogwood withes (For beauty...they make a magnificent modern statement in a white crock)

We have eaten the ramps and spinach in a wonderful savory pie which was our favorite recipe find from the Harmony Valley Farm website...but we have made our own after making it several times.
Last night we had chicken simmered with saffron and sunchokes....nice enough, but a little bland. Tomorrow night we eat a sorrel vichyssoise and Wednesday we have a quinoa and radish salad with salmon.
The parsnips and burdock will have to wait until next week for inspiration or desperation to strike.
I have begun to make a gallon of milk in to yogurt every two weeks and that seems to be just enough for Z and I to share.
Our CSA routine was made easier since we broke down and bought a used car-a hard decision to make but my father is not in great health and it is necessary for us to be more mobile than we can be relying totally on public transportation. The purchase of the used Subaru Legacy Outback, even with the fantastic deal my mother gave us, has required a return to the most rigid thrift and I am so thankful the CSA started when it did!

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