Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sorry Sorry Sorry. I have been baking and knitting and not much else since the last three weeks I have baked about 15 dozen cookies....knit two pair of socks(one pair is a Norwegian colorwork knee high pair that is beautiful but time consuming), three hats, frogged the hats, re knit the hats, frogged them again and re knit them again...worked on Z's sweater, worked on gloves for an Aunt, worked at my job and last night, made Kim Chee with some of my CSA is Fermenting away on top of the refrigerator, being the warmest place in our chilly flat. I have never made, or eaten, Kim Chee, but Z loves it and out CSA newsletter had a recipe, and it seemed like a fitting way to celebrate out last box of veggies for the more till May.
Today will consist of cleaning (yeah right), knitting, cursing the knitting, knitting some more, laundry and baking, and perhaps some working on a super secret present for Z which shall not be mentioned here. I will do this while watching the snow come down (4 inches and counting)
and watching the Dalai Lama lectures on the 4 Noble Truths (I love the Netflix).

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