Monday, December 22, 2008

The Happy Time Sunshine Fun Factory

It has been a really Shite year for many people I know and love, but for me it has been a pretty damn good one. This worries me. Is there some weird correlation? When I was bottom of the barrel crying on the floor sad during college were my loved ones having the best time? I can't seem to make the equation work, but some part of my mind worries that the Universe is starting to cock the "Mess with me" gun, and soon I will be on the receiving end of a big load of crap.
I am well, and Z is well, but several people I care about deeply are on the edge of some nasty times, I believe, and I think that Z and I may catch some of the splashes of Shite flying off of their crises.
I am not really looking forward to the new year.
This attitude could also be connected to the fact that I am not finished with just under half of my holiday presents and am starting to feel the pressure.
Baked more cookies.
Knit more on presents.
Did no work on super-secret gift for Z(not going to happen this year).
Baked Bread.
Roasted a Chicken on a bed of Squash, turnips, parsnips, carrots and potatoes from the CSA. Delicious.
I am also filled with foreboding about the Kim Chee. How can I tell if it is working?

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