Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009 a new beginning

The Kim Chee is RIP. Christmas eve day we pulled back the covering plastic and leaves and were confronted with a stench that defied reality. I could not bring my self to taste it, though it looked perfectly good and with a sad heart I threw it out. So much for not wasting food!!
I have been spinning most of my free hours since the new year, as part of my holiday present from my mother was a shopping spree at the wool store. Z has been fully supportive of my spinning mania. I think I am going to resurrect my inkle loom and even try my rigid heddle loom again with some of the results.
There are a few resolution type things this year in our household
We are trying to eat less meat this year.
We are trying to eat less prepackaged foods.
We are trying to eat less refined sugar.

We really enjoyed the CSA this year (Harmony Valley Farm) and have signed up for next year. It has been very fun and challanging to plan meals around what is in season and available around floods and freak weather. I am looking forward to things I had never had before like Ramps, and ridiculously fresh greens. It was a joy to work with such fresh and tasty ingredients. I hope this year to become better at making different things, rather than making a weekly stir fry with everything. I am so glad to be starting a third year together with my Partner, Z, and to be healthy and employed.
Best wishes for the new year

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