Saturday, June 7, 2008

New foods and No pictures

My apologies, but no pictures as of yet.
We have been wrapped up in work (and the terrible weather-almost two weeks of terrible storms, high winds and hail warnings) to try and get everything documented. We have had all we could do to make sure the CSA veggies gets used, but it has been. Two of the more recent interesting veggies are Hon Tsai Tai ( an Asian green of the mustard family) which i must say does not really taste like much when cooked, and Pea Tendrils which are deliciously pea flavored and quite fun.
Up next is using the burdock root i have the refrigerator, have not decided what would be best with that!
The box this week held:
Salad mix (Lovely full of forellenschuss lettuce, my favorite, and some edible blossoms.) which we ate that night in a Salade Nicoise
Rhubarb (which i have frozen for future use)
Green Garlic
Hon Tsai Tai
Pea Tendrils
we are still not getting through a whole week, solely on CSA veggies, but this weeks additional produce purchases were limited to organic Kale, Apples, Carrots, Celery and Onions.
We used the Pea Tendrils, Broccili, Hon Tsai Tai, and some Asparagus and Green Garlic in a chicken stir fry, and plan to use the Spinach for eggs florentine, the asparagus to go with Salmon and the radishes as snack with salt.
I am getting very excited for the fruit shares, which begin on the 19th!

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