Friday, June 13, 2008

Hail, Rain, Floods....and CSA Share?

I so respect My CSA Farm. They have had Hail, crazy Rain, and repeat of the once a century floods which happened only 10 months ago (Not 10 decades).
And yet...We picked up our share yesterday. Business as usual. There were some things which were projected for the share which had to be forgone, as they were drowned, but we got our share:
Pea Tendrils
Salad Mix
baby white Turnips
Green Garlic
Bok Choi
Thank You Harmony Valley Farm!
When I watched the news reports last Sunday and saw the pictures of the flooding, I was very upset. A goodly portion of our food budget goes to the farm, and more so, even though we have not met them in person, their blog, e-mails and weekly newsletters have truly given us a sense of connection to our food and the people who grow it. I was upset for them just as much as I was upset for myself. The whole point of a CSA is to share the risk with the farmers, and this was putting principle into practice with a vengeance.
We'll see how the rest of the summer goes.
In other news I really miss my bike! A flat tire and a desperate need for a tune up are preventing me from riding.

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