Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sheer Laziness

I apologize for not posting about last week's CSA share and the fruit share too!
We got:
a pineapple
probably 2 pounds of grapes
5 navel oranges
about a pound of cherries
5 apricots
7 peaches
7 pluots

for the CSA share
3 pints of strawberries
garlic scapes
2 kohlrabi
red komatsuna
more green onions
a napa cabbage
2 lettuces

We have been eating a lot of fruit salad, sliced fruit, fruit in general. Far more than we normally would as we usually do not buy fruit. It has been such a treat!
We have a few peaches and pluots left, and all the grapes and oranges....they last a bit longer and will be our desserts and snacks next week.
Our vegetable share is going as usual for dinners. We usually make a chicken stir fry with the greens, and that lasts a couple of nights, and we have eaten the kohlrabi raw (Z had never had one and really liked it!)
Looking forward to the first peas of the season.

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