Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vacation Productivity, and Organization

So sorry for the lull! We were on vacation. Miraculously we both had time off of work--at the same time! I know!
We did not do much, a few dinners out (Red Stag) a visit to Stillwater, and old milling town on the Mississippi ( Old by American, especially Midwestern standards) and Ikea and then mostly crazy busy work around the flat.
Our office had never gotten unpacked, and yes we did move in August. Unforgivable but that is what happens when two pack rats slash design whores move in together.
We have since purged many things, but more importantly bought bookshelves from Ikea-5 Billy's in Brown/Black now wrap the back wall of our living room.
I know we are in this for the long hall, because we merged our books, now in an insanely organized and alphabetized system which only makes sense to me. But it is order, and they are off the floor.
While we are at it we bought Z a new desk , a nice big ell with commodious hutch, and moved a new desk in for me as well.
I had previously tried the Cyril desk from Ikea, and while I am a sucker for anything which fold up, it was neither sturdy enough nor big enough for me, and has found a good home with a dear friend.
I now have a massively huge oak arts and crafts desk. 5 foot by 3.
My step mom, J, had this desk in the basement stored in a magical nook which holds all her acquisitions and seems to be bigger inside than outside.
It was in several ( large) pieces viz; each set of side drawers, the center drawer, the top, and the center trim. It is missing one drawer. I fell in love with it, and eventually J. agreed to give it to me.
After an afternoon of lemon oil and constant polishing the grain had emerged from probably about a hundred years of grime.
It is well worn and battered, but I love it and it is my new favorite thing. I am thinking i will replace the drawer with a wicker basket. I will try to get pictures posted.
We also bought two red iron pagoda etageres from pier one which look almost exactly like those we saw and lusted after at crate and barrel but only cost half the price( and which were on clearance and since we wanted a pair and they only had one in the box and one display version we got the pair for less than the cost of one) So in the end we paid for a pair at pier one about a third of the cost of one at Crate and Barrel. I love bargains.
Nothing too green in the conspicuous consumption, but the desk is recycled.
CSA pickup tonight. I am loving the challenge of planning menus!

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