Saturday, May 17, 2008

CSA share and a meal out

The CSA share this week was nice, we had a good variety, with the first asparagus of the season! I made myself proud by cooking a spinach and ramp pie thing Thursday even down to a homemade crust. Delicious! Last night we went to the Red Stag Supper Club which is the first LEED certified restaurant in Minnesota and emphasises local ingredients. The restaurant is open plan and kitschy without being overboard and very nice, not too loud, but enough background noise that one will not be overheard easily. We sat at the bar, as the place was apparently full, at least all the non-reserved tables were full. With the first beer we had their flatbread preparation of the day which was duck sausage, cheese curds, roasted garlic and cherry tomatoes on a grilled naan type thing. It was amazingly good, and the cheese curds nearly precipitated a war.
Z then had the Friday night fish fry with the perch as while he likes fish he does not like his fish to taste 'Fishy'. It came with a couple of massive paper thin crisps, a wonderfully light slaw and an atomizer of vinegar which nearly walked out with us. He said the Tartar was good, but had too much onion.
I had the brick pressed chicken with fingerling potatoes and sunchokes and Brussels sprouts. It was really good, the chicken was moist and tastes like chicken and vague white meat. I suspect that was because it was from Larry Shultz, whose chickens I buy at the wedge. They are tender and flavorful.
It was a wonderful night out and a great start to our 'Staycation' in which we are going to be tourists in our own town.

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