Sunday, May 11, 2008

CSA Cooking

We have been using, and enjoying, our share of vegetables very much. Last night we had spinach with ramps, a recipe included with a handout on Ramps at the pick up site, and very good it was too. Today for lunch I mixed grated parsnip with carrots onion, chive and egg and made parsnip pancakes or latkes, Z ate them with enjoyment too which is a triumph for me as he does not like parsnip. This afternoon we hosted the mothers for a mother's day coffee, and served a rhubarb crisp and this evening we had a spinach and sorrel salad topped with roasted chicken breast.
Pretty good use of the share so far. All we have left are the sun chokes, which we are saving until we get the next share, some of the spinach, which will be lovely for salad tomorrow evening, some of the chives which are always good and the horseradish, which should last some time.
It is impossible to express the satisfaction I felt at lunch when something I threw together from half remembered recipes and ideas turned out tasty. It is so fun to experiment.

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