Friday, May 9, 2008

First CSA Pickup

Hooray, the day is finally here and we picked up our first CSA share yesterday afternoon.
It consisted of:
A Parsnip
Horseradish Whips
a lb of rhubarb
A bundle of pussy willows
I am very excited. Pretty good for the first week of May, at least for this area!
We ate some of the Ramps last night sauteed with some potatoes and i have plans for all the rest.
One night with will have Spaghetti with Ramps
another we will have spinach and sorrel salads with roasted chicken
another we will have parsnip/potato latkes
and we are saving the sunchokes for next week, to go with (hopefully) some more and make a gratin with them.
The Rhubarb is going into a crisp tonight or tomorrow which i will serve to the mothers on Sunday.

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