Saturday, March 22, 2008

Snow! Spring! and Ham!

Snow! Lots of it, probably close to 7 inches on the ground where we live. How typical for spring in Minnesota.
Tomorrow we go to visit my father in a rental car. Z is very excited because it is Easter, and while we do not celebrate Easter (or other christian holidays really) easter at my fathers means a spiral cut ham and that is worth celebrating!
While clearing out the landing strip we gathered together all the magazines we get and the grand total is 40 and counting. That is horrible and very much not green. We signed up for a few from a subsciption transfer meeting board type site, and then all of a sudden we each had individual subscriptions to jet and ebony and latina and shape and vibe vixen and golf digest and a skiing magazine and any number of other magazines for which we are not the intended audience.
On the plus side we are finding homes for some of the subscriptions among friends and family and recycle all the magazines we do get.
Another point on the green scale in our favor is our knives. The major excitement for today was taking our knives to be sharpened. We, well Z really but since moving in together we, have a really nice set of Wustof knives, a basic set with all but the Santoku knives and they have been a revelation to me after ten years of cheap K-mart knives which came with my first set of cooking pots.
Our tomato knife had at one point been sharpened wrong, or damaged somehow and lost the serration. The sharpening store was able to grind a new edge and replace the serration on the tomato knife and restore all our other knives to extreme sharpness and also give us a lesson on how to properly sharpen the knives using the steel and how often (before every use).
These knives are already nearly 15 years old and are now better than when new, and will no doubt last a life time, a testament to the importance of making sure you buy quality materials and take care of them properly.

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