Friday, March 7, 2008

I don't want to work today...I just wanna be free

iTunes is sometimes such a bore. In one sense its green because you can buy music which does not cause a lot of waste because you are not buying the CD and its case. So that part is cool. What is not cool, is that the quality is not as great as a CD but that can easily be overheard if you are not a music snob. The other thing that sucks is that you can't buy a lot of music that is hot. Ay Apple!!!
Anywho, here is what is being listened to perhaps too much...
  • C'est La Vie by Martin Solveig
  • Electric Feel by MGMT
  • Il Avait Les Mots by Sheryfa Luna
  • No Stress by Laurent Wolf
  • Jacques A Dit by Christophe Willem
  • A&E by Goldfrapp
  • Delirious by David Guetta feat. Tara McDonald
  • Dangerous by M Pokora feat. Timbaland
  • Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis
  • DVNO by Justice

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