Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Book Lust and Design

I have fallen in love with a small publisher in London. Persephone Books is my new favorite thing. Their books are uniform and easy on the eyes on the outside and wild and fun on the endpapers! Z does not like the chaos of my bookshelves with all the different colors and shapes, and I am not planning on wrapping them all in Kraft Paper any time soon, which is the solution he keeps suggesting. Has anyone done this? Is it worth it, or is Persephone Books the solution?
In addition to the pure design aspect, the books are re-issues of all sorts of delicious, overlooked, hard to get nuggets of pure atmospheric joy. In the words of a reviewer (who slips my mind) they are hot water bottle books-the kind you want to cuddle up with on a cold day. I am in love, and if anyone reading this wants to give me a present Contact Me for a list of the books I want( I just happen to have 12 favorites among their offerings, and they just happen to have a year long book a month plan:) I promise I will be be your best friend, Forever!

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