Saturday, November 29, 2014

Progress and Promise

The holidays are coming up and I am in the middle of making gifts. On my Flip I have merino in various colors which have been aging in the stash for at least 7 years. It was spun originally from top chosen by my mother for a fair isle vest or sweater, but it never was knit up. It will, instead, be a Japanese style panel vest. Here it is in the process of being woven, I have not yet made more progress, and I need to get going, but at least some progress has been made.
And here is the promise of something delightful! I was mooning over a lincoln fleece at a friend's house. She has an Aladdin's cave of wonder of a fleece storage room and whenever a group of us meet at her house we have fun looking over the many boxes of different fleeces. She very generously gave me almost three pounds of it. I washed it up immediately upon getting home, and will spin it as soon as I get the holiday gifts made. It is destined to be a cabled cardigan which has been vaguely taking shape in my mind. It is fun to dream about and I think I shall spin a thicker single and aim for a DK two ply. It will be a nice change from spinning finely. I love looking at fleeces and dreaming of the things they can be made into, thinking of the various techniques one can use.

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