Friday, August 8, 2014


This current spinning project is dedicated to perseverance.
I am spinning a gorgeous Romney Cross prepared into roving. I am spinning it on the smallest whorl on my matchless. I have spun about 1000 yard of fine two ply. It is to be weaving yarn which I hope make some lovely trousers or a warm shirt. I have a couple of pounds left to spin. I can fit about 1200 yards on the bobbin, these wonderful Schacht bobbins. The spinning is pleasant and easy, a longish forward draw. I am subject, however, to the distractions and the temptation of variety. I have a number of spindle projects going, but just the one wheel project at the moment and I want to focus my attention on one project. I need to learn to persevere through momentary boredom. I would like to finish this in a timely manner and will have a better chance of doing that when I don't spread my effort out among many different projects. So I will persevere.

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