Saturday, May 31, 2014


     Recently I have been spinning for a friend. I am tracking my time as we are going to swap spinning for weaving (and I will get my grubby mitts on some handwoven cloth made out of yarn I spun!). This has been an interesting exercise for me as I do not generally track my spinning time, it is just something I do when I sit down at the wheel. I have found that the past couple of weeks I sit down and spin on this particular project about 2 hours a day, and it takes me about 2.75 hours to fill a bobbin with 400 or so yards of singles which makes a dk weight three ply. This is a little slow for me as I am spinning just on the bigger side of my default, and with a little more care as this is for someone else, who deserves as good yarn as I can make.
     The 2 hours spinning on that project is in addition to the spindle spinning and the knitting I pick up most days as well, so I am spending about 3.5 hours a day working with textiles or fiber. This surprises me as I have not much to show for my efforts, in my opinion, but then again I do spread my time out among several projects simultaneously. I think I will try and track other times for other projects. Knowledge is always useful, I suppose.


Jamie said...

Please allow me to be a weaving enabler here and whisper this word softly - cricket ;)

Devin said...

I have a flip:)