Monday, February 3, 2014


Inspired by online friends I have been setting out to master spinning cotton at my normal wheel. It is a different experience from the meditative arm waving of the charkha or the intensely focused twirl of the tahkli, but I wanted the skill and I believe I have learned it. I am spinning Breeder’s Mix brown cotton from Sally Fox, via a friend who was lucky enough to visit Sally’s farm.  Said friend is weaving a joint project with her and my handspun cotton and has been vastly helpful with feedback regarding my cotton spinning efforts so far, and by sending encouragement, spindles,  cotton, examples of her yarn, and good wishes. I am attempting to spin a better yarn that will hold up to the rigors of being warp, and I believe I have succeeded. I have been using the Fast Flyer for my lendrum DT Complete and letting the singles accumulate a goodly amount of twist. For plying I have been using one larger ratio on the Fast Flyer and really plying the heck out of it. I let it ply enough, and then let it ply some more. I am hoping that this will make a sturdy enough yarn to be used for warp.

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