Sunday, August 25, 2013

catching up

I realized that I have not posted my results from the Tour de Fleece. This is the least amount of yarn I have spun during a TDF, but almost 1500 yards is high twist fine cotton two ply spun when getting to grips with my Charkha (which I am proud to say-mission accomplished!).

After the TDF was over, I was, gasp, rather spun out for a bit and so I started a sweater-Neville's sweater from the Deathly Hallows film. Someone on Ravelry has kindly charted it, and I happened to have the right colors of handspun. I have 1.75 sleeves done and will pick it back up in cooler weather!
I also have finished a sweater lot of yarn for a dear friend who is a fantastic Dyer! The Spinning Daisy. It is a BFL silk blend which she dyed and is BEAUTIFUL and so nice to spin.
Now is the hottest time of summer for MN, and I am spinning a great deal and knitting much less. I hope to have some fun weaving to post soon, I will be attempting to re-learn card weaving and inkle weaving next month and have high hopes for fun.

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