Wednesday, May 1, 2013

String Thing

I don't have the words:

Ancient fiber tools

Meeting fiber heros

Abby was awesome, a fantastic teacher, gracious to those of us who were starstruck, fun and funny. I took three classes with her, Pre-columbian textile study, which was amazing. No words
Andean Backstrap weaving - I am five years old and proud of it! I think I have found the project I want to sink my teeth into and truly study and dig into the process. I also took double drafting and long draw on spindles with Abby. My spinning improved immensely and I am able to spin cotton on a suspended spindle. Wow!

Using new tools:
Sara graciously let me try out her Bosworth book charkha. I love charkhas! I will be getting a tuned Indian Charkha sometime in the next year. Yes. I am. I will try and write up a more detailed overview, but for now I am overwhelmed still with new information, socializing with new friends, and the wonders of the Carolina Homespun Yarnvee contents.

One more shot of a pre-columbian spinning tool kit. Blew my mind. Seriously.

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