Monday, March 11, 2013

Just checking in on my goals for the year. I have not been spinning very much, but I carded 8 ounces of Lincoln fleece, the last of a pound I got from Kindred Spirit Farm last year.

On Saturday I plied a great deal.  The two skeins on the left are from Jenny from Lamb Lane, a BFL X Lincoln I believe and an experiment at a bigger and looser yarn, a nice worsted weight, around 300 yards between the two. Next to those is 4 ounces of Harriet, a Corriedale from Strawberry Ridge, Farm which I spun long draw and ended up with over 300 yards of two ply fingering weight. The final is over 600 yards of lincoln two ply fingering weight- a little harsh, but it will soften a bit when washed and I might stash it for weaving

 I have also been knitting a Hap shawl with some shetland I spun and then dyed with natural dyes. The orange and brown are both from walnuts, and the yellow is onion skins.

I have noticed that most of the fleece I am drawn to is one or another shade of grey.  I like the color on its own, but I especially like it when dyed-it makes a much more interesting color, to my mind, and I like the subdued colors. I am enjoying my fiber. I also acquired some (ABBY BATTS) But that's another post.

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