Tuesday, March 30, 2021

In which I sample

This winter I have been spinning large amounts of cotton. I spun a pound of sea green cotton sliver from Sally Fox, a gorgeous easy to spin delightful wonderful fiber to spin. After finishing in an alkaline simmer it turned a lovely olive green. As I was spinning it I knew that I wanted to make a summery fabric that would be cool to wear in the warm summer weather of Minnesota. I love the idea of a seersucker style fabric that has some 3d effect and I want to try and get that texture and so I made a warp with stripes of the green cotton and cream tussah silk handspun, I am hoping that when the fabric is wet finished there will be differential shrinkage in the different fibers to make a seersucker style effect. Instead of weaving an entire shirt's worth I wound a warp that is 9.5 inches wide and am weaving three samples, two will be scarfs; one a plainweave (unpictured) and one plain twill. The last bit of the warp I am playing with different twill treadling and will then be able to choose the fabric I like best. 

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