Thursday, January 18, 2018

Year end, year beginning.

It was an eventful 2017 and so far an eventful 2018. 
After my fall natural dyeing blitz I wove a scarf which as become my favorite piece of clothing 

I knit Mitts, of handspun naturally dyed wool, but need to knit more as these were both given away.

Had a fantastic trip to Germany where I got to see my great Aunt who taught me to knit socks.

And ended the year with a Flax spinning marathon (I love spinning flax!) 

2018 is not off to the GREATEST start as I wanted to weave with my linen singles, but did not size them enough.
Ending with a sad instance of Scissors on warp.

 I will try to rescue this warp, but in the meantime have been enjoying Luxury, spinning Abstract Fiber Yak/Silk in Alfalfa and another green on my matchless.


Judy & Marshall said...

Great projects! That's really neat that you learned to knit socks from your aunt. Sorry about your linen warp, linen can be a challenge to weave with.

Natures Fiber said...

Just found your blog. Im also spinning my own flax I grow. So Im using long line fiber on a distaff. Im starting out small then working up to full size on my loom. Im going to be using my large counterbalance loom for my linen. Im currently using my small counterbalance for practice. My first piece was with two ply and my next two were with singles. My next is double ply both warp and weft. Dyed chocolate brown with walnut husks. Your flax yarn looks so soft but mine looks and feels much stiffer than what yours looks like. Read the bit about your singles on the big loom. Be easy and don't spin too thin. I washed my linen Im currently using on the loom when I dyed the yarn. I boiled the linen in the dye bath for a couple hours but I did not use washing soda. Next time I will to see if it softens up more. Keep up the good work.