Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Color from nature!

This summer and fall I have been exploring natural dyes (as opposed to 'real dyes' as a dear friend calls commercial dyes) and i have been having the time of my life! All sort  of yarn and wool dyed with walnuts, natural indigo powder, japanese indigo from my garden, lichen, goldenrod, and buckthorn. I am so excited to use all of this and my first priority is spinning up some of the fleece for Spinzilla.
Indigo powder and lichen :

Local dyes from my garden and surroundings:


Sara said...

You threw me for a moment with that "indigo powder" comment. I know you have been using fresh leaves....

Then I looked more closely at the picture :D!

Judy & Marshall said...

Thanks for sharing your natural dyeing experience! I love the soft colors that natural dyes bring, and you ended up with some great colors to play with.
Happy spinning,