Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Thinking about what I am going to do this year

I am resting my wrists, and since I am not doing fibery things, I am thinking about them. I have been fascinated with local products for years, and have worked towards eating locally for years. This year I want to focus on using local fibers a great deal, and work towards making an outfit of local clothing. I am not yet good enough to at weaving to feel confident making cloth, nor at sewing to make clothing. This is a good things, as I hope to stretch myself this year, to learn new skills and stretch my creativity!

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Lynn said...

I bet you could easily spin and knit a hat, a scarf, gloves or mittens, and socks. All your extremities clothed in local wool - that's pretty good. Oh, wait, a sweater, too (sorry, need more coffee). So, what's left? A shirt? Pants? A jacket? A jacket could be knit of wool, easily. Then the question becomes can you get local cotton or flax or silk? Or wool fine enough you'd wear a shirt out of it (Cormo, anyone?)?

In other words, when you break it down, you're not that far from your goal, already.