Saturday, January 17, 2015

Knitting Away the Winter Grays

This time of year it seems like it is always dark, the sky is always cloudy and gray and I long for the bright colors of summer. As an antidote to the subdued and washed out color palette I pulled out my balls of leftover yarn and one off skeins of yarn, a book of peeries and border charts, and my knitting needles and knit myself a vest.
I knit the back plain and the front patterned. I have not yet gotten the courage to steek, and taught to knit stranded colorwork flat before I had ever heard it was difficult so I do not mind purling back or find it difficult.
I had no method to my madness and just laid out the balls of yarn on the ground, had the book laid open and paged through, picking patterns as I went, and having fun. The shaping is all due to Anne Budd's Handy Book of Patterns. I have knit several vests and sweaters using the patterns in there and they always turn out well and I can modify them with patterns, finishes, edgings etc however I want. 
I love this vest and I want to knit more of them so I can wear one every day to work.