Saturday, October 25, 2014

Never enough hours in the Day

I commonly feel that there are never enough hours in the day. I have old projects sitting around waiting to be finished, and new ones in my head waiting to begin. I often leave a project sitting by the wayside when something new and shiny comes along. A group of friends in Ravelry are making an effort to finish things, and use up stash, and this has inspired me to do some finishing and stashdowning of my own, I am beginning with finishing some things.

I finished the first half of a tussah silk project on a spindle and wound it off - the spindle needed to be cleared off  in order to ship it to its new home with a friend. I will spin the other half on a different spindle.

I finished off a project of cotton, I shall post details when I have it skeined off and measured. Here is a photo mid spinning.

I have now turned to a plying project, beautiful silk and wool batts that a friend gave me, and which I spun on Pushkas  and wound into a plying ball. I had meant the yarn for socks, but it is a little too big for socks. I will have to find a project to make which will do this fiber justice!

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