Saturday, September 6, 2014

Weftember Beginnings

As an easy introduction to Weftember I am going to finish off a piece that has been on the Flip for at least 6 months.

 The warp is of a sage green mohair and wool blend that I purchased at Shepherd's harvest and spun into a fine two ply I doubled the yarn as an experiment to see if I could make a denser weave without using two heddles. The stripes in the warp are the last of a yarn I knit a sweater with, wool/mohair handspun from a cloud I purchased a Shepherd's Harvest several years ago, which was dyed with marigolds and walnuts. The weft is some brown Romney two ply handspun.
I have learned several things so far from this warp. I need to learn to wind the warp onto the loom with more even tension, and NEVER MOHAIR AGAIN. NEVER NEVER NEVER. It is so very very sticky and sheds fiber terribly. Each shed needs to be cleared separately both because of the tension issues and because of the sticky warp. The final lesson is that  I would like a boat shuttle instead of these stick shuttles as it makes weaving so slow!
I have no idea what this will be, I had hoped it would be good for clothing, like a jacket or shirt, but I don't think so, though I will reserve judgement until after I finish it, which I plan to do vigorously to get some fulling action going on.

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