Sunday, December 1, 2013

Heathered yarn and size two needles.

I have been spinning up a storm, I finished a Horned Dorset fleece a friend destashed to me, that is 1700 yards of 4 ply thatThe Spinning Daisy will be dyeing for me and which I will knit up into Ganesh by Gnomespun Yarn. Then I got a bee in my bonnet to knit a pair of Bavarian Twisted Stitch stocking. It is brown homespun corriedale on size one needles.

Then I got a bee in my bonnet to try and reproduce the tweedy Heathered yarns I like so much from Germany. I got out a half a grey fleece (suffolk cross) and a bag full of dye sample leftovers from The Spinning Daisy and carded them together and started spinning. Here is the first skein. I am not satisfied with it, it is not what I was trying to reproduce, but it is pretty. I learned a lot about carding.

Then I worked on finishing a sweater for Zeus, for which I have no photo, a plain top down v neck raglan in chartreuse CVM. Once that was done I wanted to make something for myself so I began the saddle shoulder basic sweater from Ann Budds Knitters handy book of top down sweaters. I used the Chartreuse for the saddles and the rest will be in a milk chocolate CVM. I am knitting it on size 2 needles because I am insane and because that gave me the best fabric. Here is the first photo of it.
Now to decide if I do some holiday knitting or not.

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