Monday, August 23, 2010

digging through the past

So it has been a crazy summer.
My father died in July, a little over a week after my 29th birthday. In the process of going through the house and clearing it out I have been seeing pictures and mementoes and things which I associate so strongly with my childhood. My childhood which I thought I had forgotten.
It is so strange to be revisiting the past and remembering the child and person I was-and seeing how very different I am today.
I also had my ten year anniversary at my job this year...
All of this is making me re-evaluate my life and it is time to make some changes.

I want to recapture some of my ambition and dreams I had when I was younger.

I want to find a career I actually have a passion for (or at the very least, one that I can do without hating to get up every morning)

I want to be more active in my own life, rather than passively letting it happen and then stricking out in panic or anger when it goes somewhere I don't want to.

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