Monday, August 10, 2009


Tortilla tonight, the Spanish omelet, using the potatoes and onions from harmony valley and Larry Shultz eggs. This will be accompanied by Harmony Valley salad greens with completely non-local, Trader Joe's raisins and almonds and a dressing made from ingredients that are about as non-local as one can get. Oh well. Dinner last night was local cabbage (from my sister's garden) braised with Italian Sausages made in the Wedge deli, Harmony Valley garlic and onion, and Italian Wine.
Yummers, and very good the next day for lunch too!
Tomorrow is cream of celery soup with Harmony Valley celery and onions, cedar Summit milk, and non-local chicken broth from Trader Joe's. This will be accompanied by bread from the Wedge bakery, pastureland butter, and cherry tomatoes from my sister.

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Gwen said...

Love the Tortilla! It was good meeting you today- Enjoy!