Monday, February 25, 2008

Our new Love

Our new love is a beautiful, slightly heavy lady with a penchant for wearing red. A Le Crueset 8 quart pot. It is magnificent, and I need never fear burglars, as one slam with the pot and they would be unconscious.
We used it to make the New York Times No Knead bread Recipe which everyone has been raving about. The bread was ungodly good, so good that I am baking another loaf tonight, as the loaf from Saturday is gone already. I can see that our flour bill and bread consumptions is going to go up--way up. The crust is delicate and every so flaky and crusty. The bread is soft and chewy and just begs to be ripped apart and slathered in butter or oil or jam or the last bit of sauce from your plate. It is difficult to say no.

We also used the pot to make Chicken Paprika last night from the good old 'Joy Of Cooking'. How Bland! How Plain! How lacking in any interest. The overwhelming flavor was of sweet cooked onions and the richness of sour cream. It needed garlic thyme and a bay leaf, I feel, and should we try it again that is just what it will get.
Thanks, Rolpol and Sunny, for the kind wishes, and letting me know someone is still out there:)

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Sunny said...

Re: nothing, but I am reading, "No! I Don't Want to Join a Bookclub." (or that's mostly right) and it is fantastic and thought you'd like it. Very "Old Bridget Jones".